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IODO is a non-profit organisation, which was initially founded as an art and culture association in 1990. Over the years the field of activities was extended by education and science, because most projects are part of different fields.

The main focus of IODO is on the purposeful search for overlaps of different fields in order to open new spaces for cross-culture and interdisciplinary by means of interconnection.

IODO has built up a reputation in Vienna by developing and carrying out several projects in cooperation with institutions like the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, the Federal Chancellery/Department for Theatre and Film, Culture Office Vienna, Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) as well as further known institutions like KOMMENT, WIF (Viennese Integration Funds), Viennese National Education Funds, etc.

IODO is also an acknowledged association for adult education, whose projects include a broad range of activities - from readings up to scientific lessons, as well as seminars - thus appealing to the public.

Concerning the media, several projects of IODO in the field of theatre, film and cinema are mentioned in the Austrian Cinema Handbook.

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