Women - Migration - Art

From Ritual to Drama
by Ayse Emel Mesci

Performance and Workshop: 21-22. May 2005

In her performance Ayse Emel Mesci takes a trip to the origins of the Anatolic culture, to the Anatolic tradegy “Kurban” (“The Sacrifice” – Author: Güngör Dilmen) and to the western counterpart of this tragedy -“Medea” (Authors: Dario Fo and Franca Rame).

Theatre workshop:
Starting from the central Asiatic rituals of a Shaman as the beginning of the performance, the artist deals with different techniques and forms of expression. In the centre there is the human being/artist/shaman, acting as an intermediary between the spiritual and the real world.
The interdisciplinary workshop appeals to actors, ethnologists, students of dramatics and to all, who are interested in theatre.